Nowadays, most robots and robotics platforms tend to deliver functionalities independently or other internet-connected devices. Hence, i.e. despite their pertinence and possible integration, IoT platforms and robots operate in isolation, which is a lost opportunity for a host of innovative functionalities. Security concerns are among the main barriers and concerns against the integration of IoT with smart semi-autonomous objects such as robots. In the scope of the SecureIoT socially assisted robots scenario, we will demonstrate the secure integration of LuxAI’s QT robot(s) in an environment provided by iSPRINT’s CloudCare2U (CC2U) IoT healthcare platform, which holds the promise to enhance the functionalities offered by both QT and CC2U, while offering a host of business opportunities for both companies (LuxAI, iSPRINT). CC2U integrates a wide range of sensors and wearable devices (e.g., fibits, motion trackers) in order to accurate detect the users’ context and provide relevant personalized services. CC2U includes already a virtual robot as an output interface. As part of the scenario QT will become CC2U’s interface for interaction with end-users.

  • Data Accuracy & Theft: Blackmailing, Espionage, etc.
  • Destruction of Environment: physical damage to the robots’ environment and psychological damage to human