A multi-side market platform for IoT Security solutions was designed and developed, which is a main vehicle for the exploitation and sustainability of the project’s results.

The main objectives of the SecureIoT Marketplace are:

  • To specify the scope, the services and the architecture of the market platform;
  • To establish liaisons with IoT ecosystems where the partners participate, as a means of attracting participants to the market platform;
  • To provide a service for auditing and deploying additional security solutions (by third-parties), notably solutions that adhere to the SecureIoT architecture;
  • To implement and integrate the market platform, while fine-tuning its operation based on feedback from market participants;
  • To evaluate and address the legal implications concerning the use of the project’s solutions and the deployment of new solutions.

SecureIoT implemented a multi-sided platform (MSP) for IoT-based cyber-security solutions, which enables use of SecureIoT’s open standardized cyber-security services (i.e. risk assessment, compliance auditing, developers’ support), as a means of increasing the cyber resilience of IoT deployers and end-users in cost-effective way, while complying with security regulations. The SecureIoT MSP is the first marketplace for cyber-security services, which addresses the side selection trade-offs and provides governance rules appropriate for standards-based IoT services.