SecureIoT envisions to create an entire ecosystem in the realm of Security within the ever-expanding sphere of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. To fulfill this scope, a wider marketplace is launched at which we aspire to grow into a  participatory platform of supply and demand for state-of-the-art IoT Security solutions and knowledge for IoT. Our multi-sided-platform expands far beyond the project’s partners and their network of affiliates, since it aims to become an anchor brand specifically for cyber security threats in the otherwise cluttered space of general IoT whose advent has brought thousands of similar offerings, yet without addressing security threats sufficiently.

Our marketplace encompasses a multitude of experts, and we invite you to join us, if your interests include the wider fields of network and software security, legal and regulatory cyber security implications, if you wish to learn about IoT specific cyber security frameworks, or if you generally belong in the IoT “universe” (platform providers, added-services providers, device vendors and OEM, integrators and developers, end-users and researchers to name a few). Industry professionals and academic researchers alike, will find attractive offerings and services, reach business decisions and estimate the implications of a similar SecureIoT solution even before launch through similar international paradigms.

Enjoy a free for life-time registration at, and benefit from a multitude of added value services and selected online applications. We have launched online SECaaS (Security-as-a-Service) applications for our new members to try our portfolio of: online risk assessment and mitigation, attack prediction and detection, IoT security and privacy compliance auditing, etc.

Principally, we also have launched an innovative “sandbox” where users can try online our algorithms and services. Moreover, probes and dockerized software are available to members to evaluate them and seek added value to their line of business. The marketplace even includes open datasets from the SecureIoT demonstrators for members to employ and experiment with.

Registered members also have access to our wide knowledgebase including articles and whitepapers and receive specific curated content tailored to their needs and selections. 10 chapters of online trainings on IoT security including training material are accessible and will be further enriched. Our community is encouraged to participate in our forum, provide views and ratings of our offerings, and we even offer external users the opportunity to submit their own relevant implementations to our open platform, in order to achieve more visibility as well as for evaluation and comparison by our ever-increasing number of members.

Learn about the state-of-the-art IoT Security practices with examples, multimedia, whitepapers and technical analysis, and also how we applied them in 3 use-cases:

  • Ambient assistive living through socially assistive robots,
  • Autonomous driving and connected cars
  • Industry4.0 and Digital Twin in Manufacturing

Welcome to the SecureIoT marketplace, and be part of the vivid online ecosystem for all the state-of-the-art cybersecurity aspects in the IoT world.