Innovation Sprint Sprl (iSPRINT) is an SME that has been launched by innovation experts, offering bespoke services to companies and organizations that seek to pivot and add value to their products and services in the digital era.

Role in the project:

iSPRINT’s role will be devoted to the implementation and operation of one of the security use cases of the project, based on its CloudCare2U (CC2U) platform. As part of the use case iSPRINT’s CC2U will be integrated with LuxAI’s robots, in order to enable coaching and rehabilitation scenarios based on smart objects, while at the same time integrating SecureIoT’s risk assessment, compliance and developers’ support services. iSPRINT will also undertake a coordinating role in all pilots as leader of WP6. It will have a role in innovation management and exploitation activities as well.