BRAIN-IoT works on a dynamic federation of IoT heterogeneous platforms and mechanisms to improve data ownership and privacy supported by semantic technologies for interoperable operations and data exchanges.




CHARIOT uses blockchain technologies to record and affirm/approve IoT physical, operational and functional changes through a cognitive engine and private keys to prevent malicious changes.




ENACT enables continuous delivery of IoT smart-systems, implementing toolkits for IoT systems into agile operations to facilitate trustworthiness and robustness that can be easily integrated into existing IoT services.




SEMIoTICS develops a pattern-driven framework around existing IoT platforms to support secure/dependable actuation and IoT/IIOT semi-autonomic behaviour that support cross-layer and intelligent dynamic adaptation in renewable energy, healthcare, and smart sensing.




IoTCrawler uses technologies like blockchain, tailored to large-scale and dynamic IoT paradigms, creating a search engine for IoT devices.



SerIoT references security frameworks and technological validation to optimise IoT platforms and networks information security in a holistic and cross-layered approach.



SOFIE implements IoT platforms and autonomous devices to respond to challenges of vertical/closed systems, architectures and applications and move towards a secure, open federation based on existing IoT platforms and DLT.