The emergence and rise of security incidents on IoT devices and applications have brought the vulnerability of emerging IoT infrastructures to the fore and highlight the tremendous socio-economic importance of protecting the next generation of dynamic, decentralized IoT systems.

SecureIoT project focuses on delivering predictive IoT security services, which span multiple IoT platforms and networks of smart objects and are based on security building blocks at both the edge and the core of IoT systems

SecureIoT will provide implementations of security data collection, security monitoring and predictive security mechanisms to offer integrated services for risk assessment, compliance auditing against regulations and directives (e.g. GDPR, NIS, ePrivacy), as well as to support the IoT developers.

Foretelling and anticipation of security behaviour of IoT entities, is the main concept emphasised by SecureIoT. The provided services span security compliance auditing, automated risk assessment and mitigation, as well as support for IoT security-aware programming.